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Legal Services: Property and Family

Making a property transaction isn’t a child’s play! X-Pert Consultant have the requisite competency to handle all the property matters and can deal with all types of issues in connection to the field of real estate. The founder has been closely associated with many professional and qualified legal experts who have in-depth subject knowledge and who vehemently follow business ethics.

We have a competent team who deal in all aspect right from property, title verification, property registration, property litigation that includes injunction position to cancellation of double registry through court.

X-Pert offers one stop solution to all your property needs.

We offer personalized Property Law Services in fast track for clients, which are time constraint and we maintain complete confidentiality in all the cases.

Our range of service includes the following:

  • Property Issues
  • Tenancy Matters
  • Preserve your Assets
  • Property Buying Advice
  • Checking the antecedent of the Vendor (S)
  • Verifying the title of the seller
  • Property Verification
  • GPA & Lease Deed Impounding
  • Complete Property Registration Process
  • Property Assessment
  • Property Mutation
  • Building Permission
  • Occupancy Certificate
  • Mutation of Agriculture
  • Land Regularization
  • Building Regularization
  • LRS-BRS Pending Files
  • ULC Clearance
  • Land Conversion: Agriculture to Non-Agriculture
  • Double Registry Matters
  • Cancellation of Double Registry through court
  • Clearance of illegal name entry in pahanies
  • Land Demarcation from collector office
  • Property Eye Watch
  • Unauthorised sales of land/plot
  • Gift Deed-Partition Deed-will deed-legal drafting
  • Prohibited properties
  • Certified copies of sethwar/supplementary sethwar/
  • Resettlement register/FIR
  • Agriculture Land Value Certificate
  • New Pattadhar Passbook (Epassbook-New)
  • Certified copies of Wasool Baqi
  • Certified copies of Khasra Pahani
  • Verity Patta Title Pass Book
  • Pattadar Passbook Proceedings
  • Records of Rights (ROR)
  • Chowfasla, P.T.S (Protected Tenants)
  • Property Eye Watch

Our Legal Services includes the following:

  • Suit for Declaration
  • Suit for Specific Performance (Agreement of Sale)
  • Suit for Partition
  • Suit for Rent Control
  • Suit for Injunction
  • Family Property Dispute
  • Legal Heir & Succession Certificate
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Legal Opinion-High Court & Lower Court Matters

Our Family Law Services include the following :

  • Divorce Law
  • Children issues-guardianship/custom/access
  • Dealing with marital breakdown/maintenance, prenuptial agreements.
  • Recognition of foreign divorces, disputes of property, business
  • Farm assets in the context of relationship breakdown
  • Division of assets
  • Mutual consent divorce and contested divorce & settlements.
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Annulment of Marriage
  • Police remand
  • Summons and warrant
  • Dishonour of cheque and civil matters.

The Property and Separation Issues

X Pert Consultants, always has a “philosophy of having our clients to have a healthy transition post separation”. We always believe that, “one should not go alone through the legal process, but would require a good advice from an expert who could guide through the legal issues and ultimately take up a peaceful and affordable decision.”

We are always there with you for any legal assistance and we take up cases with utmost secrecy and confidentiality of our client’s information.

Service Scope

The company makes its honest attempts in simplifying the entire procedure of property and family law holistically to a greater extent, as we offer services concerning property dispute cases in Hyderabad. Our services range from the government dispute, family property dispute, dispute related to division of parental property, ownership rights, etc to trespassing, encroachments and illegal possession. Thus our clients will definitely compliment our 360-degree approach.

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