X-pert Consultancy offer legal consultancy services of various issues that are brought to notice by our clients. We are easily accessible and offer our expert guidance and advice on the legal matters after ascertaining all the relevant details. We undertake all kinds of Issues pertaining to Breach of Contract, Property Disputes, Preserve your assets, Tenancy & Landlord Issues, Injunction, Positions & Settlements.

Our Family Law Services includes: Divorce Law, Children issues-Guardianship / Custody / Access, Dealing with the financial consequences of marital breakdown/ maintenance, Prenuptial Agreements / Recognition of foreign divorces, Disputes on property, business assets and farm assets in the context of relationship breakdown, Division of Assets, Mutual Consent Divorce and Contested Divorce & Settlements, Criminal Proceedings, Annulment of Marriage, Police Remand, Summons and Warrant, Dishonor of Cheque and Civil Matters.

Suit for declaration, Suit for Specific performance {Agreement of Sale}, Suit for Partition, Suit for Rent Control Suit for Injunction, Family Property Dispute, Division of Assets, Tenancy Dispute, Legal Opinion - High Court & Lower Court Matters. Our aim is to provide accurate, authentic advice to our clients who seek our help. We are in a business where success depends heavily on referrals and word-of mouth publicity. First we critically understand the complexity of the matter and them device our strategies and assist our clients with fruitful advice. 

At Property & Separation Issues, we do not believe that people should go through this process alone, they need good advice from an expert and a person to help them in order to move forward in a peaceful and affordable direction. We want our clients to have a healthy transition into their new lives both financially and emotionally. We do not want you to go through this process alone or on the advice of your friends and family. We believe in building mutually beneficial long-term business relationship by delivering high quality services for civil and criminal cases etc., with utmost secrecy and confidentiality of our client's information. Whether you need a criminal lawyer or assistance with in Civil or probate issue, we are here to help you.