About us

We take immense pleasure introducing ourselves as registered and recognized government firm extending Legal Paralegal and Value Added Services situated at Hyderabad, Telangana. During the past 5 years X-Pert Consultancy has extended the services to Hyderabadis in India and also in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar & KSA.

The founder of X-Pert Consultancy is an Innovative team member strongly associated with leading legal cell as a part of our company to assist all individual and corporate bodies including NRI’s in Legal Paralegal Property Issues Divorce Law & Dowry Issues.

Our Legal cell comprises with founder of X-Pert Consultancy and its co-founders looking after both civil and criminal sides. Our mission is to provide solution in legal or paralegal matters in a cost-effective way that consistent with client’s goals and interests.   

Our team serve every client with lay deep stress on some of their noteworthy values and work principles. These principles include dedication commitment to provide customer satisfaction and the ability to yield positive outcome.

Thus X-Pert Consultancy focuses on the organizational needs of the client. We provide every client with solutions which can be sustained by their in-house teams, fostering a culture of quality and professionalism.​